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Sep 15th at 8PM / 0 notes

One day you will look into the darkness and you will not fear. For you are already the part of it. And you will see.

Bakit ko nakalimutan?

Dec 17th at 1PM / 0 notes

Bakit ko nalimutan na marami akong kaibigan?

Marami nang nakilala’t minsa’y napabilang

Bakit ko nalimutan?

Minsa’y naging punto ng mali

Ngunit dun nagsimula ang aking pagsali

Bakit ko nalimutan na meron akong masasandalan?

Mayroong pamilyang inuuwian

Habang sila’y walang tirahan

Bakit ko nalimutan?

Na may trabaho sina Mommy

May motor si Daddy

At si Tan may pangarap at nagpupursigi

Bakit ko nalimutan?

Na may gusto akong marating

Bakit ko nalimutan?

Na lumaki sa simbahan

Ngayo’y hindi makumbinsi ng pinaniwalaan

Bakit ko nalimutan ang mga pinagdaanan?

Bakit ko nalimutan ang mga natutunan?

Bakit ko nalimutan ang nais na ginhawa?

Bakit ko nalimutan?

Ngayon ay naalala ngunit hindi maamin kung bakit ko ba KINALIMUTAN.

I Wish I Didn’t Love You | Thought Catalog

Sep 14th at 3AM / 0 notes

Wow! This is what I feel!

Aug 25th at 4AM / 0 notes
I’ll let them go …

I’ll let them go …

I woke up this morning feeling different. For so long, I never had this kind of enthusiastic affection to someone. But suddenly, my consciousness was filled up with doubts and uncertainties. I was hit by the reality of nonrecurring expense of love. I am afraid! I am anxious that my love will not be requited. I am not sure whether to sacrifice friendship or condemn my feelings. And my dubious emotion seems not satisfied instead it filled my mine with questions that are indefinite and confusing. Is she the one? Do I have a chance? Am I right for her?

I am not good at things like this. Where I’m better at? Escaping. Sooner or later I will come up with a plan. An idea to escape from this passion. My scheme to enable my self to feel pain from inadequate admiration and to distance myself from regrets for our friendship. I would choose to bury myself in misery rather than let myself fall into pieces because of the one I love.

I love you! Goodbye!